About Us

Seaglass Pacifica is based in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Being a keen sailor/explorer, a desire was birthed from travelling overseas, to create a bag that supports adventurers, who love to discover new places, people and more about themselves.

Made from upcycled sails and materials, each bag has been on a journey.

Seaglass name came about as a reflection of a personal journey: the idea of a vessel being broken, rolled and smashed about by the waves, the edges being ground down and smoothed over sand, rocks and time.  To become something new and beautiful, a taonga, treasure to behold.

Likewise, the sails and materials had an original purpose, got worn, broken, discarded, forgotten. I love to recreate and bring out new value and purpose within them.

Seaglass foundation is also about reminding people who feel like those broken vessels, that they too have value and purpose.  

For every bag sold, 10% goes to the foundation to provide a sailing trip/voyage aboard our local Waka hourua, Tairawhiti. Where people have a hands-on learn to sail experience, reconnecting with nature, tipuna, themselves, each other.

This is for groups of people, such as: foster teens, teenage parents, womens' refuge, solo parents etc. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy our creations.